Treatments & Prices

All available treatments are listed alongside pricing and approximate timings. The first appointment may take a little longer than stated due to a quick consultation at the start.

Swedish Massage

A firm massage using long gliding strokes to relax the entire body.

Full Body    60/90 mins                                                 £50/70

Back and Shoulders    30/60 mins                              £35/50

Back, Shoulders, Arms and Hands   60 mins            £50

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

A firm massage using the application of heat to aid relaxation. Hot stones can help to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety and help to promote sleep. Cold stones can be introduced for short periods of time to help promote circulation and muscle repair.

Hot Stone Full Body           60/90 mins                        £50/70

Hot Stone Back & Shoulders    30/60 mins                £35/50

Hot and Cold Stone Full

Body                                     60/90 mins                        £50/70


Hot and Cold Stone Back &

Shoulders                                    30/60 mins                £35/50

Hot and Cold Stone Neck &

Facial Massage with Scalp

Massage                                            60 mins                £50

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle and relaxing massage that can help lower stress levels. Slow and smooth massage techniques are concentrated mainly on the back and legs to calm and ease aching muscles and joints and to improve circulation. Pregnancy massage won't be given during the first trimester.

Full Body    60 mins                                                           £50

Full Body massage once every month

throughout second and third trimester                        £240

Full Body massage once every two weeks

throughout  and third trimester                                     £460

Hands & Feet
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A very gentle treatment that aims to move the lymph fluid around the body. By assisting the circulation of lymph, blockages around lymph nodes can be reduced, lessening discomfort and oedemas.


Full Body    45 mins                                                      £40

Hand/Foot Massage        30 mins

A relaxing massage to ease away stress and

aid relaxation                                                                     £35