Running from place to place, arranging meetings and gatherings, constantly connected to everything going on in the world.  We are all on the go from the moment we wake up, with very little time to slow down, take in the world around us and enjoy the moment. Yet it is so important for our bodies and our minds that we do exactly that. Taking 30 minutes to disconnect, take a deep breath and clear our minds, can help us feel more at ease.


                 Massage therapy is a great way to escape from day-to-day life.... just for a moment. A moment away from screens, To-Do lists and meetings. A moment to disconnect. A moment to enjoy the time we have. Swedish massage helps to relieve tension and reduce both physical and emotional stress.

                 I am a mobile massage therapist working around the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire borders. I am qualified in Swedish (Classic) massage and I am an associate of, and insured by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists). I also hold a First Aid certificate accredited by the FHT. 


                 I am constantly attending new courses to extend my knowledge so please do keep an eye on my 'Treatments' page to see any new therapies.